These are the Cows that have gone off to play in college.  We are proud to say that many come back to coach and work with our younger players, and some have even start coaching on a regular basis at different levels of the game

(Also those trophies are not all ours....we have a few- see below, but just have not taken a picture yet)!

COWS in College:

Jon Avery (Mars Hill)   Andrew Miller (Aurora)  Chapin White (Davenport) Matt Burtnett (Univ of Detroit) 
obby Petersen (Mars Hill) 
Alexander Dziewit (Albion) Kevin O'Grady (Albion) Alex Fitzgerald (U of M Dearborn)
Nick Demattia (Univ of Detroit) Brad Bogus (Albion) Kevin Horton (Michigan State) Adam Gohl (Lawrence Tech) 
Nick Schuster (Alma College) Travis Craft (Albion) Ethan Frick (Albion) Jordan Stover (Olivet) Sam Moore (Ferris State)
Nick Racine (Univ. Dayton) Evan Kniesel (Albion) A.J. Schlaff (Depauw) Dominic Hamper (Albion) Jordan Moore (NDSU) 
Kyle O'Grady (Albion) Connor Ward (Lake Erie) Reid Kaminski (Roanoke) Connor Dziewit (Otterbien) 
Ethan Kourlovech (Lourdes) Gaven Bertram (UMASS Lowell) Dayne Rogers (Mich State) Bo Simpson (GVSU) 
Garett McKelvie  (MBU) Cole Phillips (Univ. of Montana) Mitch Prock (Ferris State) Chris Toro - (OU)
Keaton Mitchell  (Mount St Mary's) Liam Stickle (Theil) Nik Succivik (Trine) Brent Farrugia  (Trine) Nick Bowman (Albion)
Ian Phillips (Boise State) Logan Conwell  (Davenport) 
David Taylor (Davenport) Jake Hodges (Davenport) 


Trophy Case:


  •  Zombie Shootout Champions (Elite)
  •  Roller Coaster Rumble Champions (U13)
  •  IMG National Championship Bid
  •  Dick's National Champ Qualifying Bid
  •  Cherry Bomb Runner Up (2018)
  •  Cherry Bomb Runner Up (U11)




2016 Midwest Fall Brawl Runner Up (Elite)



  •  Zombie Lax Runner Up (Premiere)
  •  Capital City Runner Up (U13)
  •  Cherry Bomb Lax Runner Up (7-1) Elite
  •  IMG National Champ Qualifying Bid
  •  Dick's National Champ Qualifying Bid
  •  Cherry Bomb Lax Runner UP (7-1) U15
  •  Windy City Lax Bash Run Up - (6-1) Prem
  • Cheery Bomb Lacrosse Runner Up (Elite)
  • Warrior Challenge Champions - Elite
  • Winter Warrior Challenge Champions - U13
  • Fall Warrior Challenge Runner Up U13
  • L.I. Lax Fest Runner Up (6-1) Elite


  •  Dick's National Championship Qualifying bid
  •  Cherry Bomb Runner Up Elite (6-1)
  •  Buckeye Tournament Runner Up Elite (7-1)
  • Pipe City Lacrosse Tourn Champions (7-0) Elite


Cherry Bomb High School A Champs Elite (8-0)


    D-Town Showdown Holiday Champ Elite (8-0)